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Jialun Li and Vincent Lou from Stanford University California launched Club Factory in 2014.

Club Factory gained positions in various places like India, United States, Middle East, Europe, South Asia. Globally it has 70 million users and the major part of 40millions are from India. Indians choose Chinese products as they are cheaper. Vincent Lou’s focused researched on Artificial Intelligence and its use in facebook have made his life. Entrepreneur Vincent Lou says they have successfully onboard a huge number of 200,000+ manufacturers. And they having data analytics to reduce wastage.

This big e-com site has huge number of customers. And it is also a big attraction for fraud. Fraudsters taking chances to make money by fooling Club factory customers.

Club Factory fake customer care and helpline service named many fraudsters collects customer’s contact numbers and calls them, pretends as official club factory customer care executive. They are well polished with nourished speaking power. Most of the customers assume that they are talking with the official club factory customer care executive and do wrong things which put them to the trouble and face a loss of money from their bank account.

It is a very common fraud technique for club factory fraudsters to loot money from common people’s hard-earned money by saying the customer won a lucky draw. The lucky draw winner has to send money for registration or tax something to get the prize money or the expensive thing like an SUV car. Also, they may say you’ll receive the money in your account, that’s why a customer has to share his bank account or ATM card details like Card number, CVV and then the OTP received in the customer’s phone number which is attached with their bank account. Then after that customer loses money from their account. The fraudsters withdraw the existing balance from a customer bank account.

This is not done by Club Factory, Fraudster uses the e-com giant name to fool customers by having attention.

There are many cases people lost their money just for a fake lucky draw. Here is a call recording between a fraudster and a customer from Assam, play it to know how they try to convince people.


You must know these things before you call a Club Factory Customer Care Number or attend Club Factory related calls and become a victim. Go through the proper official number, do not become a fool and do not send any money to earn bigger amount or any kind of prizes.

How to avoid loss from fake Club Factory Customer Care Number

  • Must visit the official Club Factory website to get the official contact details like Club Factory Helpline number and Club Factory helpline email, instead of calling any number you get on google searching.
  • Do not dare to provide any personal or bank detail like CVV, OTP, Card Number. No bank or reputed established company ask you for these details over a phone call.

Visit https://clubfactoryhelplinenumbers.com/ to get the genuine customer care number of club factory